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At INNER ABUNDANCE® we sell paintings by request and/or from our actual stock.
If you'd like to discover and link yourself with your life totem*, we will pray to "Creation", meditate, and call your animal guide/guides to reveal themselves to us. Then, we will paint them in acrylic, on canvas (finest quality). The painting is personalized for you, so you can link yourself to them with his/her message and their meaning to understand the pattern he/she means in your life. We place our hands and fill the painting with Reiki, meditating on the animal qualities to express beauty via the painting itself. The animals and/or birds that are painted all have spiritual names (not used as human labels, it happens with the meditation and whilst painting them). Joe from Inner Abundance is the artist.
The price depends on the size of the painting and range between AU$100 to AU$500 (extra-large - special requests).
You can always convert to your currency. Please note that shipping costs may apply.

Acrylic on canvas


If you wish your own Native American Indian drum, we are able to order one for you. The cost is approximately AU$280. The drum is personalized for you.
The drum is 100% hand-crafted and is made up of the rim which is fashioned from cedar, sanded and stained. The drum skin is Australian Fallow or Red deer hide and is laced to the rim with sinew. The designs are hand painted with quality paints and sealed to the hide. The drum offered is a Lakota style drum with 8 sides which represent the four primary and secondary directions. The drum itself takes approximately 7 days to make.
To own one, all that is required is your name, address and your date of birth as well as a deposit. Once ordered, the drum would arrive in about 4 – 6 weeks.
The drum size is approximately 40cm x 40cm and its sound and vibration are very powerful .

Wishing you Inner Abundance

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