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" Your life, your game, your rules..."

This website is made with the purpose of serving and helping people on their life's journey with our Tarot messages and other therapies.  People share pieces of information between each other in a synchronistic manner like many great spiritual teachers say, and that's what we do via this website. We are here to help with the next step.
Reading these words and becoming one with us at this very moment. It's not a coincidence. Nothing is...

Inner abundance is what we all aim to have. It doesn't matter how each individual perceives it on his/her own big holographic experience. It can be achieved with material things or emotional wellbeing. Each one of us is here to learn to detach and live in joy every single moment. Obviously, we all have preferences. It's good to know how to love, in a conscious way. How to have pleasure with the simple things in life without attachments and to be open minded. This is all just energy, powerful energy, generated by an infinite intelligence.

Some people believe that it is impossible to be constantly happy, but that's a belief we chose to accept as an excuse in our lives from an early age. There are a couple of short cuts to live life with inner abundance and we, all, know them very well. We would like to say, in anticipation, that we are not here to help anyone finding their path, or enlightenment, or happiness. We, all, are already on our paths and we can choose to be happy, at this very moment. We do not believe in laws of attraction or the end of time prophecies. We leave those excuses for those who want to pursue them. We, also, don't pursue spiritual perfection to become something better or higher. We do not connect to 'higher-selves' as if there were lower-selves in the first place (self-inflicted judgments).

What we do is to read the script the creator has provided. Our role is to assist you discover "Who you are not" instead of "Who you are!" Our role is to call things as they are "telling" the truth instead of excuses. If the creator has put you on this page, maybe we have something you need to know or vice versa. It's not up to us. Be happy to be yourself just as you are. Stop trying to drive the bus, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Contemplate yourself and what is being created for you with more love than the word itself could ever mean. Trust!

We wish everyone Inner Abundance.

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