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Tarot Readings

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At INNER ABUNDANCE┬« we use several different tarot decks, currently we are using only two sources.  
One deck, created by Susie Green with her magnificent work with "Totem Animals" and their meanings (this deck is linked to Joe).
And, we also use the deck from U.S. Games Systems, Inc. for Native American Indian sittings (linked to Rodney).

We "read" very differently when it comes to a reading or sitting.  Depending on what is required, we will endeavour to assist with requests. We usually read the cards exactly as the co-creator of that person wants us to. So we can deliver the message for them, at that moment and with the "issues" the person maybe going through.

Many people use psychics to connect with loved ones that passed, or to reach the afterlife etc. We do not help there. Sorry. We do read for the person and the person ONLY.  
As part of the message will help the person in the here and now, it will not provide excuses to help surpass what really matters...
The information provided will help the person in whatever he or she is going through at this very moment.

Tarot is a divination method used to communicate with the creator of everything in our lives, and that's where we help. We read the cards with accuracy and we go straight to the point. We will tell the truth no matter if it hurts now. People are grateful afterwards. Even so, our readings always guide the person to the right place and right understanding.
In the end, it's always up to the person's choices.

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