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Totem Animals

Totem is a word that comes from an Ojibwa word "Ototeman" and has a variety of meanings that is very simple and complicated at the same time.
We believe that there is a core in everything in this world (linked within each individual). The world is a template of experiences (with secondary templates) but besides all of that, there is one thing that connects all things as part of it as if we were all "ONE". We believe that we are part of the same "Infinite intelligence". We believe that everything is related. We believe that everything happens for a reason, at the right time, in the right place and that coincidences don't exist.  But we don't believe that life itself is mechanical as if we could control it (e.g. laws of attraction, end of times prophecies etc.).
We believe that animals, plants, the sky and the sun are all relatives of humankind, because we all belong to the "Core" that created them on the first place.

We believe that this "Infinite Intelligence" is what creates all types of encounters in life, everything we see, everything we smell, and the air we breathe.
The aim of "Creation" is that we detach ourselves from certain emotions and patterns in our existence and live in abundance by trusting completely in the interaction between us and him/her/ them/consciousness or whatever you decide to call it. (It doesn’t have a human label and/or word or any specific name.)
Animals, as much as everything in our lives, have a role. They read a script that the "Infinite Intelligence" decided to write for us.  
Sometimes, the Infinite Intelligence may move whatever is necessary to get our attention. To demonstrate that a greater power is present, or has been around for a while and we just can't see it or perhaps to raise the alarm or simply to pass on a message using whatever method needed until we finally become aware of its meaning.
With some people (which is our case) animals become the vehicle to interact with our Infinite creator and the wisdom that is passed.
Have you ever have an animal crashing against your car or an animal crushing against your chest in the street? An unusual presence of animals inside your house with everything locked? Have you ever been in touch with albinos or rare animals that disturbed your senses and provoked strange reactions within you?
We assure you these are not coincidences. For example, a pigeon crashing into you in the street, may mean that you have to go back home as soon as possible. Or a white butterfly landing on your shoulder may mean you are going to undertake a peaceful but huge transformation in your life. A kangaroo crashing against your car may mean you have lost momentum in taking a true leap forward in your life....
At INNER ABUNDANCE, we use the Animals and the meaning of their energy (as templates) to pass messages and read the script the Infinite creator decided us to read for each individual and their experiences.
The video attached to this page have some animal meanings that we use in our cards.  Have a look. Also, we are pleased to help people understand the meanings of certain encounters with animals, so feel free to contact us. There are many websites 'out there' with the spiritual meaning of each animal species but due to experience, we have our own...

Some explanations about totem animals can be found in Wikipedia


Wishing you Inner Abundance

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