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Who we are

Joe Moreira
Joe is experienced with totem animal encounters, vision quests, prayer meditations, totem animal meanings, therapies and card readings. (Grew up in Portugal, lived in United States and England)
"Joe" has been a carer for his family from his early years until his adulthood in his holographic experience and grew up in an environment where traditional medicine couldn't give answers. He started his research for spiritual knowledge very early. Joe is well developed in quantum dynamics, understanding other types of communication within the human holographic template.
Joe's key moment in developing his skills and fulfil his purpose of understanding other type of communication was when animals showed up inside his house (physical manifestation) before the main event happened. Since then, Joe became a student of the Shamanic sciences and Quantum physics. Today, his main focus is to help others with Animal wisdom, tarot readings and guidance, according to the messages passed to him... Joe is currently writing a spiritual book...


Rodney Austin
Rod is well travelled and when asked "where have you been?" It's much easier to ask "Where have you not been?"  Besides the travelling, Rod has live mostly on the East coast of Australia as well as abroad. He has a keen interest in history and geography and had a childhood dream become a reality when he travelled for the first time to America in 1976.
Rod has a vast experience in tarot and in particular with Native American Indian tarot. He has both local and international experience. He has been "reading" for over 20 years. He has a keen interest in assisting others on their path but never forces anyone to do what they do not wish to do. He is a caring old soul in this work and has a heart of gold. He tells it how it is and people are astounded with the knowledge he has in and of this world.
Having a lot of "life" experience, he goes out of his way to give to others.

Come join us, let us show you inner abundance...

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